Independent Compressor Service Company, Inc.

Mako - high pressure breathable air compressor equipment

Air Purification

Assure that you receive quality air purification by specifying CompAir. We design, manufacture, and assemble our air purification systems in-house, guaranteeing grade E air quality that meets or exceeds current NFPA, Canadian, and worldwide standards.

  • CO & Moisture Indicators Standard
  • Non-Corrosive Filter Cartridges
  • Visual CO and moisture indicators do not require depressurization
  • System inoperable without cartridge in chamber when cartridge monitor option is used
  • Non-corrosive replaceable cartridge
  • No adhesive odors or tastes because adhesive is not used in the manufacturing process
  • Stainless steel springs incorporated in cartridge assures properly packed filter media
  • Anodized aluminum alloy chambers rated for 6000 psig with a 4 to 1 safety factor