Independent Compressor Service Company, Inc.

Mako - high pressure breathable air compressor equipment

Breathing Air

The MAKO Breathing Air Center is a uniquely integrated high pressure breathing air system consisting of a combination of time tested, performance-proven components. Assembled within a single easily accessed cabinet, the purification is immediately accessible by means of a large side door. The compressor can be serviced through hinged doors on the front and side.

  • On/off button
  • Pressure gauges, all stages
  • Oil Pressure gauge (On 4-stage units)
  • Emergency stop button
  • Diagnostic indicator lights
  • High air temperature
  • Low oil pressure (On 4-stage units)
  • High air pressure
  • Hour meter
  • Air inlet filter restriction indicator
  • Certified Containment Station
  • Automatic Priority Fill
  • 4 Cylinder Storage Capacity
  • Room to house 4 DOT or ASME cylinders
  • All components housed inside enclosure
  • Built-in automatic condensate drain and muffler/reservoir
  • Insulated, sound attenuated
  • Against-the-wall installation
  • Stainless steel operations and accessory panel
  • Auxiliary outlet with valve and fitting
  • SCBA or SCUBA filling capability
  • Welded 2-inch tubular frame
  • Automatic safety interlock for SCBA filling
  • Piston rings on ALL compressor stages provide improved efficiency
  • Automatic start and stop controls
Fill Station Features
  • Certified containment
  • 3 position fill station
  • Low loading height (32”)
  • Carriage tilt-forward design
  • 0 to 6000 psig adjustable regulator
Air Purification
  • Air purification is standard
Optional Equipment
  • CO monitor and calibration kit
  • Purification cartridge monitor
  • Shutdown audible alarm package
  • Dual pressure switch
  • Up to four bank cascade control
  • Power assisted doors
  • Dual Regulator
  • Level Indicator for condensate reservoir