Independent Compressor Service Company, Inc.

Mako - high pressure breathable air compressor equipment

Breathing Air Module

Built to be installed up against a wall, the Breathing Air Module provides unsurpassed value and peace of mind. Five hinged maintenance inspection doors provide superior access to all components. The unit comes fully equipped with an automatic condensate drain muffler/reservoir. Product value is guaranteed by the ISO 9001 quality standard achieved by the manufacturer of the compressor. The air purification system is installed inside the cabinet.

  • Emergency stop button
  • Pressure gauges, all stages
  • Oil Pressure gauge (On 4-stage units)
  • Hour meter
  • On/off button
  • Diagnostic shutdown lights
  • Low oil pressure (On 4-stage units)
  • High air temperature
  • High air pressure
  • Air inlet filter restriction indicator
  • Sound Insulated Interior
  • Built-In Muffler/Reservoir
  • Against-the-Wall Design
  • All components housed inside
  • compressor enclosure for added safety
  • Built-in condensate drain and muffler/reservoir
  • Insulated, sound attenuated
  • Against-the-wall installation
  • Stainless steel operation and
  • accessory panel
  • Gasketed doors with spring-loaded latches eliminate vibration clatter
  • Automatic start and stop controls
  • Piston rings on ALL compressor stages provides improved efficiency
Air Purification
  • Air purification is standard
Optional Equipment
  • CO Monitor and calibration kit
  • Purification cartridge monitor
  • Shut-down audible alarm package
  • Dual pressure switch