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Mako - high pressure breathable air compressor equipment

Mako - high pressure breathable air compressor equipment


CO Monitor

The carbon monoxide (CO) monitor prevents contamination of the air supply by shutting down the compressor when the CO level is too high. The cartridge monitor will do the same when the moisture level is too high. These monitors are available for electric, gasoline, or diesel driven compressors. They may also be ordered as retrofit kits to be installed on existing compressor systems.

Cartridge Monitor
The MAKO cartridge monitor has its sensor located inside the chamber, not the disposable cartridge. There is no need for the added expense of purchasing a cartridge with an installed sensor.

  • Automatically shuts down compressor when CO level is too high
  • May be used on any brand compressor system
  • Air supply to sensor is stopped when compressor is not in use, thus extending the sensorcell life
  • The monitor electronics are enclosed in a corrosive resistant case
  • Push button calibration